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  • Hello,

    I need to disable the event if the object is on the same X and Y larger and has a greater width. I have three identical objects, and each has a different width.

    This can be done using UID?

    It is that the magnet will draw up an object, move it to another position and then I let him down on other objects. But if the object is tightened more than the object on the floor, it should not operate.

    I tried to compare the landscape, but do not know how to compare with the same object using the UID and only if it is equal to X.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

  • The question is very unclear..

    I guess you want to know what conditions you should add to your event to make sure the actions are only applied to the objects you want istead of "disabling" an event..

    If you want to compare width you could add a condition like:

    system compare two values - sprite.width < 200

    to the event selecting the sprite by position.

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  • clarification:

    I'm wearing three pieces of iron and magnet over them. Press "Up" will draw the closest iron. Press the "right" shift is iron magnet to another position and press the "down" iron will put on the floor.

    However, if the width of the iron to the magnet is greater than the width of the iron underneath the floor, the button "Down" must not operate.

    Bigger iron must not abandon smaller iron. Please help with setting conditions.

    Sorry for my English, but I use an online translator, because the aid is not in my language.

    thank you

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