How do I progressively rotate something?

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  • I'm experimenting with making a physics game where the ball rolls down a structure, and some platforms that it rolls across can be changed or manipulated by pressing buttons. The problem I'm having is that when the button is pressed, the platform it correlates to changes to its set angled on the next frame. This obviously has some effects on how the ball handles the physics of the collision between itself and the moving platform.

    Is there a way of controlling how many frames it takes for a platform to move or rotate? What would be the optimal solution to handling moving platforms with physics?

    All help appreciated.

  • You can go to -

    & search Movement - angle - look for [behavior] rex_rotateto

    I think the above behavior would help you to control you angles & frames .... though you have to figure our using their help section .....

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  • Don't go apply a third-part behavior on top of the physics behavior you'll just end up in troubles.

    You likely need to learn to apply a force/impulse/torque at angle as explained in the advanced physics tutorial.

    It also depends on how you implemented things so far, so likely you should post your capx to let us know what is the state of your project and what answer would be the most appropriate.

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