Can I make such a program/game?

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  • hi

    Sorry about my english

    I intend to buy construct but i need some informations before

    I want to use this program to create a quiz or a program like duolingo. C2 is a program to do this?

    I will need to use a database i think. Is it possible?

    If not, what i will need to save questions and answers?

    Can i find a tutorial about to develop a quiz?


    I will need a system to register users to liberate the quiz? Is it possible?

  • Yeah you can do it in C2. Regarding the Database im not 100% sure, as I haven't tried it but think its possible. Regardless there are lots of other ways to store stuff like questions and answers, such as arrays, files etc.

    Try to search the tutorials to see if there is an example. However it shouldn't be all that difficult to make a quiz program I think.

    You can also create a system for register users, but you have to make that from scratch.

    But its difficult to answer you directly whether what you want to do is possible. But my initial guess is that it will be fine making something like that in C2.

  • It's not so much a question of is it possible..

    Your question should be : Can I make such a program/game?

    The answer is yes, if you invest time in learning how to work with construct2..

    There is a manual, tutorials, a forum on which you can ask for help and examples shipped with the program itself..

    If you want to know if the program is suitable for you, why not download the free version first and try your hand at it?

    That way you can discover how to work with C2 before deciding to buy it (or not to buy it)

  • Thank you guys.

    LittleStain: Sorry. I already changed the title of this post.

    I think the database is important to organize the content. I've already downloaded C2 and tried several tutorials. But i didn't find a tutorial to explain how to use database with C2. If it's not possible, what can I use to store the content that will be load in the application gradually? This information is very important for my decision.

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  • Do you want to use an external database?

    If so you'd need to request that information through an Ajax call

    This is completely possible with Construct 2, but the database part itself is external..

    Internal you have arrays and dictionary-objects, which you can fill with events or load from project-files which you can include through the editor..

    There are multiple tutorials about using an external database with construct:

    Found using the search-box in the tutorial section

  • Do you think if I use a internal solution will be more practical? Is something like loading content from a txt file for example? I didn't find tutorials about internal databases. I know how to use arrays but I don't know how to use dictionary-objects. Is easy? Can you indicate tutorial about this kind of solution?

  • Check rexrainbow 's csv to array and csv to dictionary plugins. You should be able to do what you want with those I think.

  • I'd look at JSON as an intermediary to store your content.

  • Thank you guys.

  • We use rexrainbow's Hash object to parse JSON from our server (delivered via AJAX HTTP get calls). It works exceedingly well.

    We are running a multi-server proxy system (for security) and several backend databases (PostgreSQL).

    You could use it to parse JSON flat files just as easily though or JSON stored in web storage or cookies.

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