Another program start the game in layout 2

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  • Hi I am new in Construct and am with a cruel doubt.

    I put the first layout of my program (NodeWebkit) with size 0x0 and start the program, the message box appears "Run the game through GameLauncher" and the program closes..

    Then I created another program, "GameLauncher", which is where I want the game to be started.

    I would like the program "GameLauncher" run the game (previous program) at layout2 so you can enter the game and did not receive the notice "Run the game through GameLauncher".

    Sorry my bad english haha

    I hope you understand what I tried to say. o.o


    if someone could help me ... :)

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  • Hi Ayrton,

    Sorry if this doesn't work, but it's the only thing I could think of.

    You could upload a dictionary in JSON format, then in your projects, you could download the JSON dictionary and change the key for the starting layout... Then in the actual game, on the start of layout one, check for the layout number, if one, issue the alert, if two, clear the key (to prevent reloads without the launcher in theory), then change the layout.

    All in theory anyways.

    Hope it helps.

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