How do I program in construct 2? (Kind of...)

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  • Is there anyway to script in Construct 2 without the drag and drop? Does this make sense? For an example, in Game Maker you can drag and drop or use the code block. So, is this possible?

  • Essentially.. No. Technically you could just make a big javascript plug in that does all the stuff you need and then insert it into Construct, but I doubt that would make much sense.

  • GML seems like a strength of Game Maker, and in many ways it is, but where it starts to lose its impact is when you realize the scope and ease with which you can do almost everything in C2 without having to memorize a programming language (which doesn't even exist outside of that game engine).

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  • You can write your own plugins and behaviors in Javascript with the Javascript SDK.

  • I suppose it may be possible to create something like a plugin that acts similarly to the way code is received in GML on GameMaker.

    You could make a plugin that allows you to manually script behaviors and events relating to a specific object. There's probably a way to do that. Whether or not that would be particularly... useful... well, that's up for debate. Honestly, C2's programming system is pretty robust as-is. But I can imagine that implementing such a feature could be done!

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