How do I proceed without Client Secret ?

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  • Hi, I have been publishing Android games using Cordova with Intel XDK, and I use Google Play official plugin for Leaderboards.

    However, now that Google Console (OAuth2.0) have stopped providing Client Secret I am no longer able to link my Google Play Games "properties" with my leaderboards. I still have the Application ID and Client ID, but it does not 'sign in' until I have Client Secret as well, it is as specially required in Scirra Tutorials for Cordova Google Play Games Leaderboards.

    Unfortunately, Client secret for "Android Applications" is no longer available anywhere, not even in JSON file. Whereas, for Web applications and for Native Application it is still there, I tried that but doesn't work either, because I have an "Android App".

    PS. I got to know about Clay.IO leaderboards... but just found out that even THEY have stopped their "Sign Up" process !?!

    PS2. Is there any other Leaderboards system that I can implement in my Android game easily?

    I need URGENT help please, my projects are pending because of this.

    Please also forward this message to Ashley, so that may also help us, and modify the tutorials accordingly.

    Thank you!

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  • Anyone?

    Summary: How do we now implement Google Play Leaderboards, when Client Secret is no longer provided to us by Google?

  • I am interested in receiving replies to this thread.

    Hasan999 were you able to solve this problem?

  • I am in the same situation Hasan999

  • I second your request Hasan999 . I have been trying to figure out this issue myself for a few days too with no luck.

    Since Google doesn't provide a client secret anymore and it is a requirement for the official plugin to work on Cordova, it seems like there is nothing we can do. Hopefully some construct 2 "guru" or even Ashley can help us with this one since it is a key feature for some of us publishing on the Google Play store.

    In the midtime I will keep researching the subject and keep you guys posted if I find any relevant information, please let me know too if you find any solution or alternative.

  • Usually, (kind of guessing here, based on past experience), the "secret" should be provided by Google on a per-developer basis. i.e. every developer has their own "secret" code that you include in all of your API calls.

    I would ask Google for the secret.

  • I took gumshoe2029 advice and sent an e-mail to Google asking for help. I will let you know the response as soon as I get it.

    I've also noticed mumu64 is now trying to use cranberry plugin, care to tell us how that is working for you?, would that still work on xdk or we would need to switch to phonegap?

  • I am using Cranberry's plugin. I bought his package of plugins.

    Works, except for loading the achievements or leaderboards screen and returning to the game. Image then freezes, but game continues.

  • If I ever finish this game I might start making plugins for sale here, lol.

  • Just a quick update for fellow posters and "lurkers". Google just answered my question and told me that "the client secret is currently offered for web-based applications only". So for now if you are publishing in google play or app store your best bet is using the cranberry plugin, it seems pretty straightforward to implement and unlike the offiical one it allows for auto sign in, so I would recommend it.

  • Thanks and hi to the lurkers! ^^

  • lurker reporting in lol.

    Very interested about that alternatives from the OP question.

  • The cranberry plugins are now free. A link for them can be found here:

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