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  • So I had a concept in mind of a top down dungeon crawler with procedural generation and very basic RPG elements.

    I am not sure, however, how to go about setting up procedural generation in Construct 2 of even if thats possible.

    The basic idea would be to create room tiles with entrances and exists clearly marked, and have the game put them together in such a way as to make sense, with an entrance and exit tile always connected by a clear path. I guess each "Room" would have a premade encounter that would trigger upon entering it.

    My second issue of course is going to be moving from room to room like Binding of Issac or Legend of Zelda.... I have yet to figure out how to work that one out lol Its been a LONG time since I messed with CS2 so its time to get back on the horse so to speak haha. I want to develop this for both PC and Android OS so its gonna be pretty basic.

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