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  • Hi, I'm confused about creating a simple but procedural 2d map.

    First of all I think I should use neighbor technique such as;

    if (0,0) = 1 then (1,0) is more likely equals to 1

    or maybe more advanced but I don't know if it's efficent we can use;

    Array Map:

    2 3 1

    1 X 3

    1 2 1

    Sum = sum of neighbor tiles values. In this example its 1(there are four pieces 1, two pieces 2 and two pieces 3)

    X value is more likely to neighbor sum value.

    To understand basics. First I randomly created an 2d array with random(3) to their values.

    Then with a button click, I wanted to activate my procedur but it works differently. I looked

    for each xy element,

    if current array's value is different with array.front value then


    if randomize50 = 1 then set current value as array.fronts value

    if randomize50 = 0 then it's still at same value.

    But it seems it chooses a value, and equals all arrays to that value as I click to button.


    I don't know how can I reach to all neighbors ? Maybe with,cury) and so on.

    Maybe you already recognised, when I click to button, it doesn't create tiles at final x and y lines. How Can I prevent it to count if there is no array (-1,0) or (0,-1) or (array.width+1) I think reason of that problem is about that.


    Finally if I can resolve these problems, I may probably solve this but anyway I want to ask, how can I prevent array to create same value in range of X. For example if there is value 3 at (5,5) then if there are more value 3 at range of 2 (6,6)(7,7)(6,7)(7,6) and so on, then randomize that array till there aren't any 2 value at range.

    Here is my cap file.

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