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  • hello there,

    could somebody tell me how can I do a procedural game like SKI SAFARI ( ) is there any template or something else?

    thanks for your help


  • Procedurally generated, so the level basically goes on forever with randomized terrain? I'd love to know that as well.

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  • There is a endless runner template. With some of the plugins like rojohouonds canvas and stuff. You could probably get a smooth ski like terrain.

  • There are many ways to do procedural generation, and the method depends on the effect you are trying to accomplish.

    From Wikipedia:

    eneration of fractal landscapes

    A way to make such a landscape is to employ the random midpoint displacement algorithm, in which a square is subdivided into four smaller equal squares and the center point is vertically offset by some random amount. The process is repeated on the four new squares, and so on, until the desired level of detail is reached. There are many fractal procedures (such as Perlin noise) capable of creating terrain data, however, the term "fractal landscape" has become more generic.

    Procedural generation is basically random generation, with a consistent set of limitations on each generated chunk. Write a function to create the effect you are looking for, and call it every time you need a new chunk.

  • Wouldn't a massive number of tiny individual sprites create a huge performance hit?

  • Probably. As jayderu said, you can use a plugin like Canvas to draw your curves in chunks.

  • and is there any example?

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