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    Im new to Construct 2 and have only tinkering with it for a few days. At the moment im trying to get the controlls and animations right for a plattformer and most of the things work perfectly fine. The only problem I have is with my wallslides/jumps. One of the problems is that there are some flickering with the animation as my player is sliding down, as if the animation changes to another during one frame. Another problem i face is that the player sometimes stops along the wall, in mid air and the animations changes back to idle like if I was standing on a platform. The last problem i have faced is that the fall speed is set to decrease when player has wall on left/right but for some reason this only works when the wall is on the left side. Also, when I change the value of vector x nothing changes. I will be really grateful if someone who has a little more experience would spend a minute to help a newb in need.


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  • change event number 5 to this number 2 (right click on moving platform then "invert" option)

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