Problems while trying to clone a layout to make a 2nd level

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  • So, basically, I have a game, a top down shooter, that is divided into waves.

    I already did the art for the following ones, and was thinking that this was to be system:

    If score >= X, go to layout wave2 (there is also the commands "destroy monster" to destroy the current monsters, and wait 7 seconds to don't change instantly)

    I cloned my layout, changed the name, and changed the monster sprites ONLY. The monster is supposed to have the same commands at least while I was testing. I did not change anything else.

    But the monsters are not moving. What causes the monsters to move? Is it a behaviour? Is it a global value?

    To be more clear: I have a layout where monsters move. I cloned it, made it so from the first layout at reaching an X score you would go to the 2nd, where everything is the same so far, but the monsters do not move.

  • Is it using the same event sheet as layout 1? That might be screwing it up.

  • Is it using the same event sheet as layout 1? That might be screwing it up.

    Exactly the same (I just cloned it and changed the name, and linked to the new layout as well, but I did used another object as monster).

    Thing is that everything else works properly. Its just the monsters that are not moving, or colliding or shooting. The monsters are the only thing that appears to be broken.

    Almost everything else works. The player movement, shooting...

    So my guess is that there is something conflicting.

    This are all of mine events that are monster-related:

    The new layout has all the same events, but with another object (monster2).

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  • Now I managed to make it move.

    But it only performs the actions to rotate towards player and shoot when I have the object from the first layout at the wave 2 layout.

    Even so, it stops when the mentioned object leaves screen.

    Where can I upload my game file?

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