Problems on Multiplayer With Photon

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  • Hi,

    I was making Snake and Ladder game for Android using Photon. But at this time, I was still make the logic to sync the player's movement.

    Here's want I want :

    1. When I clicked the Dice, it was randomly pick its frame.

    2. Player1 (Let's Assume) should move as much as the dice's number.

    3. And then, Player2's Device will sync the movement of Player1.

    4. Player1 can't control Player2, and Player2 can't control Player1.

    And here's my problem :

    Why is the Player1 won't move after I clicked the dice? I thought maybe there's a problem in my Photon Setup. Here's my .CAPX link. h*t*t*p*s://www.*dropbox.*com/s/*d1svuobsw3tcxfz/ (Erase the * Symbols).

    Please help, I was on my project's deadline,

    Thanks :).

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  • You should be able to sync the number of the dice (target) by sending it as a "room property" in photon.

    • right after your text is set to target:

    \-You put a "set property of my room"

    • You use a prop name like "DICE" to find it later
    • You set the value to: target
    • create a new event "On my room proprety changes"

    \-Action 1: Set target to of my room("DICE")

    • Action 2: Set text to target

    Here you are, the dice is sync!

    You can do this for the "turn of wich player" ect ect

    Note: you can also make someone load the value "target" with room prop' at the start of the layout!

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