Problems with Multi touch causing touch issues

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  • I am having huge problems with a android Samsung tab2. I works fine up until the user taps with multiply touches, the touch locations then go completely haywire, the tapped objects are completely wrong.

    Also a side note, anyone know how to fix audio for android?

  • I had a problem similar to this in Chrome (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2). When i use 3 touches, the touch screen stops working in Chrome.

    In my game, i use only one touch, so i put a condition to check when the player touches, if the touch is the first one (touch number). This will automatically disconsider all other touches.

    But i dont have any problems like this in Cocoonjs or Firefox.

  • So you use touch at 0 index, I think it's a scaling problem within HTML I.e browser thinks you did pinch and zooms in.

    Is there any way to just disable Multi touch. I have no need for it.

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  • Did you find a way to disable multitouch? I'm desperately looking for a very simple solution.

  • I asked a similar question and Jayderyu answered with this, I hope it's of some help:

    "On ANY multitouch event

    compare two values(touch.index = 0)

    On Touch Start

    touch.index = 0

    on Touch.End

    touch.inde = 0

    Is in Touch

    touch.index = 0

    Is Touching object

    touch.index = 0

    this shuold always evaluate to the touch object of 0.

    This however has one draw back and I don't see away around it.

    1. Touch to screen. This is index 0 which we will name A

    2. Touch another finger to screen. This is index 1. with say name B

    3. Untouch finger A. Finger B now becomes index 0

    that as what I can figure the best alternative. There is no simple option to just disable Multi touch in the properties. If you want a true single touch experience and avoid the index shifting in above example. You will need then need to be a little more advance be associating a Touch.index with a Touch.ID. but then your getting into more work."

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