Problems with jumping animation

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  • Hi there thank you a lot for reading this topic,i have kind of a stupid issue with the animation of my character.

    i have set an animation when jumping,but it shows only when the characters is not moving,wherever i try to move the character and jump it does it while playing the running animation,here's a screenshot of my event screen....hope someone figures out what's the problem,thank you for your help!

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  • The events that set your running animations are overriding the jump animation because they keep getting set continuously while A/D is down, whereas the jump animation is only set once upon jumping. You can get around this if you add a "Jump animation is not playing" condition to your A/D key events, this way it won't set a running animation if the jumping animation is playing.

  • Besides above comment. It is 'not done' to use different animations for 'left' and 'right'. Just mirror the sprite. If you wanna be 'political incorrect', thats ok, no problem. But. The moment you gonna use sensors (helper sprites), you will have to start over.

  • you guys have not only helped me with the problem..BUT ALSO MADE THE WHOLE ANIMATION THING SO EASY,THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH! :33


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