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  • Hello C2 community! Back with another one... I'm running into an issue with my platform game. When the "jump" key is pressed and held too long, my sprite will stay in the "jump" animation frame even when I'm back on a solid object... Is there a condition I can use to retain my still/walking animation even with the "jump" key still held down?

  • If player is not jumping

    AND jump key is down > Play Idle animation

    Although it's not really clear why you want the player to move left/right etc when they are pressing the jump key.

    If you have it set up as:

    On jump key PRESSED > Jump

    then holding down the jump key after you have finished the jump shouldn't do anything either.

  • I don't think I'm explaining this right... Normally, when I play a retro side scrolling platform and hit the jump key, the sprite will jump... Now if I press and hold the jump key down (And the jump animation has already concluded) once the player sprite has fell back down onto a solid object, they do not stay in a jump animation... rather the player sprite reverts back to the walking or still animation (idle)... A good example of a retro game with this mechanic is Mega Man... I hope I'm explaining this right (though I haven't had the best luck getting answers from this forum... Not a knock on you guys, It's my explanations I'm sure)... Basically my player sprite stays in the jump animation(with the jump key held down) even when it reaches back down onto the solid platform object... I need my sprite to revert back to the walking animation (idle) even though I still have the jump key held...

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  • Use correctly the On Landed, is moving condition.

    an exemple :

    <img src="" border="0" />

    I use the PlatFormPlus plugin, but it is the same with the official PlatForm plugin.

  • Thank you anata! This is very helpful... It may help solve my issue. <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />


    I want to share this with everyone since lately people have been trying to help me when I do post a question... I'm excited because I've been on the site all day (Mostly reading Ashley's tutorials) and finally had that "light bulb" brainstorm moment. :) As to my dilemma, What I did wrong was this: keyboard(key) is down = sprite = set animation to "jumping" when in fact is should be; keyboard(key) is pressed = sprite = set animation to "jumping"... RELIEF!!! Also FYI: I figured out a problem that was puzzling me for a while... My sprite overlapping(or under-lapping)the solid platform object... I understand this problem can be fixed with events, but I figured out a crude, but effective way to speed this up: Invisible walls... So far it's working out fine... Now when I decide to create bigger maps with more assets on them, I'm hoping I don't run into lag issues... :/

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