Problems with integrated Spriter animations.

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  • So I recently switched from Game Maker 8 Pro to Construct 2. A main reason for this is the possibility of using Spriter animations. I decided to try to remake my game in Construct, and learn everything I have to in that process. Now I have to fix the animations for the main character if I want to be able to continue. The "Idle", "Walk" and "Run" animations work perfectly fine but when I jump it should start the "Jump" animation, and freeze at the end of it. The same goes for the event of falling (starting to fall). The landing animation doesn't work either, but this is of lesser concern at the moment. I feel like I have entered everything correctly in the event sheet, but clearly I haven't. My capx file is included.

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  • Nevermind, forgot to update my spriter animation after adding the jumping animations

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