Problems having a pause function and holster and unholster

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  • Two different issues with the same concept.

    Basically what I am trying to do is that when "Esc" has been pressed it should set the timescale to 0. The way I tried to do it is setting it up via global variables. It doesn't work properly as it should.

    The other issue is having a holster function, again I use variables but it doesn't work that well. Keep in mind I am using an attachable arm to the body so the object is called "Stick". Here is the code I set up for this:

    I just really wanted to know in general why this code is not working. The stick = 1 means that is when the weapon is acquired which can be holstered and unholstered at any time. Wieldstick is the supposedly the code to equip it.

  • You have created the classic Construct2 "ON/OFF" scenerio in your holster event. When you press 2 it is working correctly.. just so fast you never see it. You need to put a Wait 0 in each toggle switch so Construct2 has time to catch up.

    So add Wait 0 as an action in each arm of the holster/unholster toggle.

    Same with your pause event.

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  • Thanks a ton, everything works as it should now!

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