Problems exporting to Android tablet

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  • Hello people. Hope somebody can help me.

    I just have problems where I didn't have before. Last year I create a native apk (not signed) for the birthday of my daughter and I use Intel XDK to create the apk. I remember I had some problems that I fixed using the oldest Cordova CLI version (I guess it was the 5.1.1) unchecking some plugins (don't remember wich of them). But what I find now is that can't use this version anymore because this version has been deprecated. So, when I try to build my apk with the other versions it works and I get the apk files, but when I try to open in the tablet it says "error de análisis" that it means something like analysis error.

    Tablet Android system is 4.2.2.

    I allowed my tablet to download from unknown sources (I had to do last year also).

    I download the newest Crosswalk Runtime app.

    Don't know what to do!!! Any information you can give to me will be great! Thank you

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