Problems with Changing groups and animations

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  • So i have been searching all over the forums, looking at people's examples(mostly platformers) and i have been trying to figure out why my animations for attacking are getting stuck. I can get my sprite animations to move in the 4-directions and stop moving, but i can't seem to get the attack animations to play. I feel that my problem is that it's stuck using one animation and not switching to the next correctly? I tried splitting up Movement, Idling and Attack into separate groups but it didnt't seem to help. Also, I want to be able to see the animation in all 4 directions so maybe adding the extra variable of checking the direction is messing it up? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    I think my problem is that i need an effective way to deactivate the movement or idle animation, switch to the attack and then back to idle. Also im not sure why but i haven't been able to get the bow animation to work in any direction with or without movement events

    Link for capx

    EDIT- spongehammer I changed it to a .capx

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  • Hi,

    you would be better posting it as a capx rather than the project file.

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