problems with attack/spell animations

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  • Was hoping someone could help me with a problem. In my topdown rpg-style game the player (a black mage) have two different attacks: hit and spell.

    I got it working so when he�s moving he stops and performs the correct animation in correct direction and then countinues to move. I�m using a variable for when he�s attacking/casting (AT)so he wont move at the same time and ignores 8-dir input untill animation is done. Now the problem is that if he stands still he can�t do two of the same attack in a row, he has to alternate attack or he cant move again. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated. I�ll link the capx. Thanx


  • Firstly, I saw your objects screen and fell on the floor! There is an easier way to do all that scenery!

    Make one object called 'scenery' or something, then make each image a frame of the default animation. Set the animation speed to zero.

    Now you can set the frame in the layout editor or by events. Just like a tileset.

    About your original problem... It turns out to be a simple solution.

  • ok.. thanx, yes it was a simple sollution, guess I stared me blind on it :)


    hmm.. just tested the sollution capx you linked, problem is still there

  • Hmm? In the capx I posted, I can't make a situation where he is frozen or cannot make a specific move... was the problem different??

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  • when the player is�nt moving (no movement key is down) and I press X twice he can�t move after that.

  • I made a textbox that displays some status of variables every tick. While not moving and I press X (or C) twice the variable AT isn?t set back to 0 the second time.


    link to show you: game with status text

  • Solved it! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> Instead of using "animation finished" I set it to change the AT variable when the apell/attack animation reaches last frame. Thanks for your help.

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