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  • Ciao everybody!

    I'm new around here. Sorry for my english but i'm italian!

    Firts of all thank you to who invented this incredible way of making videogames. Love it!

    I'm having some trouble in uploading my game:

    I export the game in "scirra arcade" and then I go to the page and try to upload the sip file.

    The upload page says me

    "All arcade submissions must be made with the latest release of Construct 2. The current latest release can be downloaded from here:

    Download Construct 2 r157

    Please download the latest release and re-export your project and try again!"

    I dowloaded twice the latest version (r157), opened my game and re-exported in scirra games, but it is not working!

    Hope this is a problem because I'm stupid!

    Let me know as soon as possible!



  • The latest release is now r158 (see bottom of this page) so you will need to re-export using this version.

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  • Thank you!!!!

    It works!

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