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  • ok, I'm having a problem with tracking the wrong touch index.


    it's using Touch.touchcount - 1 to catch the index.

    1. Player presses the flamethrower attack button. flameI = 0

    2. Player starts to move. moveI = 1, flameI = 0

    3. player stops touching flamthrower. flameI = nil, move = 1

    behaviour should stop the flame attack, but continue to have the player still moving. However, that is not what happens. The player control starts getting incorrect input.

    The problem that occurs is seems to relate to the 0 index count.

    case A

    1. shooting

    2. move

    3. stop shooting

    results in s a problem

    case B

    1. shooting

    2. move

    3. some other third finger action

    4. release flame

    causes problem

    case C

    1. shooting

    2. move

    3. third finger

    4. release third finger or release move

    works fine as index 0 is still in contact

    problems come up whenever index 0 is released while continuing to use other index input. So it seems that Touch.touncount - 1 is not a good reference to get the touch index. which is verified by Ashley. So I just can't seem to solve this multi touch issue. It's also a fairly critical problem. Anyone know a solution?

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