Problem with spotlight effect (on player death)...

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  • Greetings!

    I'm new to Construct 2 and have a problem with spotlight effect (black background, white spot, destination out...)

    Everything is OK (spotlight follows player, sounds are good...) until my player dies! All I have is black screen (spotlight goes to top left position?!) until Lvl restart...

    When I delete layer with spotlight I can see that everything goes as planned. So... problem is how to fix spotlight to player position even on his death (so we can see death animation) until Lvl restart.

    Event sheet:

    Any ideas?


  • You used 'set position' instead of 'set position to another object'. This should solve the problem. After player death the coordinates return to 0,0. If you want to keep it like this, you need to add another condition beside 'every tick', for example 'Player is on-screen'.

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  • Thank you!

    "Set position to another object" fixed everything.

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