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  • So I made a platform game and now I have a sound problem. I made events like if a rolling stone overlapps some special places, you can hear a sound.

    Yeah thats fine, but I just wonna hear the soundeffect when the player is in the window where the event happens. Now you can hear the "rolling stone"

    all over the level. How can I make it, to hear the soundeffects just when the player is in the near or on the window? Thanks !

  • In the event that you made to play the sound, create another condition:

    System: Pick by comparison->Object: Stone Expression: distance(Stone.X,Stone.Y,Player.X,Player.Y) < *distance in pixels where you don't want to hear the sound*

    Remember to place that as the first condition.

    Alternatively use Stone -> 'Is On-Screen', but then it won't work if it happens even a little outside the visible area.

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  • Thanks VValt !

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