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  • On my menu layout i have a sprite font object with a sine behavior. The behavior is set to "active on start" and when first starting the game the behavior works fine. But if I go to my game layout and then back to the menu layout the sine behavior isn't active anymore, and it doesn't help if I make a "on start of layout - set sine active" event. Is this a bug, or am I just doing something wrong? Help me, please

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  • Do you have events where the sine is getting deactivated ?

    Perhaps disable those to see if the sine still works when returning to the main menu.

    You could use an event to see if the sine is active, and if inactive, reactivate it.


    object sine active (inverted)


    object set sine active

  • Hah, I'm stupid. I had an event that set the time scale to 0. Just had to set it to 1 again when going back to the main menu. Thanks for the help

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