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  • hey you boys/girls,

    I am new to construct 2 and i have a problem for making a score system for the game i'm making. My problem is: i want to make a score +1 when my animation is finished.

    What i have now is:

    Global number Score=0

    on Touch end : Sprite:stopAnimation

                   Set Animation frame to Sprite.AmimationFrame+1

    Sprite animation frame = 30:

                   system: add 1 to Score

    system every tick Score:

                   Set text to "Score:"Score

                   sprite: Stop Animation

    ps English is not my native language.

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  • Could you post the capx file so we can see it in action? It's probably a simple mistake; maybe your animation has 30 frames, meaning the last frame is frame number 29 (because the first frame is 0, not 1!), so the "Sprite animation frame = 30" event never runs.

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