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  • Hello all,

    First of all, great site and great program. this was exactly what i needed when i was wanting to make my game idea's without having to learn a coding language.

    On to the difficulty. I've been going through the beginner tutorials and i am trying to use the "on key pressed" event. problem is my "add Events" panel only has the "System" object and the sprites I have added, no "keyboard."

    I've spent some time checking around the site and trying to figure out if that is because i am using the free one or maybe i just had a bad install but no luck yet. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Add the "Keyboard" plugin to your project.

    dd the input objects

    Turn your attention back to the layout. Double click to insert another new object. This time, select the Mouse object, since we'll need mouse input. Do the same again for the Keyboard object.

    Note: these objects don't need placing in a layout. They are hidden, and automatically work project-wide. Now all layouts in our project can accept mouse and keyboard input.

    Page 2 of the beginner's guide

  • Ah! Thank you so much!

    I wanted to make a platform game first so i did the alternative beginner tutorial and i don't think i saw anything about plugins on that one.

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  • I take that back, I see it now, that's what i get for rushing.

    Anyway, thanks again for your help.

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