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  • HI guys Im developing a physic game and I have a problem hope you can help me

    this his my problem:

    1...I have 2 containers with 4 portals (1 for green and 1 for red)

    2...when I have the 4 portals on my game and my character (a red ball) enter into the green 1 it gets out for the portal red 2 (everithing its ok)

    4 but when my character colision with the portal 2 green it doesnt come out for the portal 2 come out for the portal red 1

    Note: remember that its a container I can´t create more sprites for each portal

    hope you can help me :/ here i leave you a image to be more clear

    thamk you guys hope you can help me to fix this I realy want to finish this game

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  • You are probably picking the wrong portal in your events.

    It's hard to tell without seeing your project.

    Could you share your capx?

  • It's hard to tell without a capx, since we don't know how you're pairing portals. Anyway, if you're don't already, I suggest you create an instance variable called targetUID for the portals and fill it with the UID for the exit portal. When you check the collision with a portal just send the player to the portal whose portal.UID matches entryPortal.targetUID. Not sure if I made myself clear....

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