Problem with playing sounds on Android device of C2 project

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  • I exported project to Cordova -> Intel XDK (crosswalk application). (Lenovo Ideapad K1 Android 4.1.1. C2 64 bit r227)

    At the launch of application on Ideapad background music plaid normally, but when it tries to play sounds(from folder sounds in C2) -appliction stops to work (closes). If in C2 at the settings of the project to turn on "preload sounds", then appliction stops at the stadium of starting loading at the Ideapad.

    Trying experiments with different versions of Cordova cli 5.4.1 and 5.1.1 - didn't help . The intresting exclusion from this strange behavior of application at the IdeaPad is that if in Intel XDK i turn off "Crosswolk" then sounds are playing normally, though other bugs appear, which were absent at the version for Browser in computer. Anybody encountered with similar problems ?

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