Problem with 2 players in One map

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  • I guys, sorry for my bad english i'm french

    i need help for my Fighting game, i created a character select menu, and i have a problems when my character spawn, the First player move the second player ..., I tested a lot of things to avoid to ensure the problem is resolved but I can not..., the second player don't move the first player, but the first player move the second player ...

    If you can help me ....

    It's my player event :

    ( 4th player is similar except for player4event of course)

  • I think you messed up with the controls a little bit. I'm not very sure, because I don't get the code, but if the first player controls the second player it can only be a small coding bug! Sorry if I didn't help you much.

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  • I also think it is a coding problem too but I can not find her or coming. I'll try to see it all ^^ Thanks dude

    Edit : Its good !! it was just the "Default Controls" which was "Yes"

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