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  • How do I fix this problem? pixels where the red curve shows the area of the line is too small. The first screenshot is how it should be displayed as a second check of the game

    Sorry for the translation myself am Russian, English I know is bad (google translate)

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  • If that line is to small. why not make it wider? (Although this is probably been changed by Google Translate)

    Give us more details about your problem please.

    Google translated for you:

    Если эта линия является малым. почему бы не сделать его шире? (Хотя это, вероятно, был изменен Google Translate)

    Дайте нам более подробную информацию о вашей проблеме пожалуйста.

  • It has to do with the scaling.

    If you change the "project property" "fullscreen scaling" from "letterbox scale" to "letterbox integer scale" it should correct it.

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