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  • I need to make a simple smoke to go out of my plane's motors.

    No idea what I'm doing wrong:

    • I created a Particle object
    • Added a small image to it
    • Created an event: When OBJECT is moving (8 Direction Behaviour) THEN Spawn Particle
    • Particles never disappear!
    • Also, my particles go out in zero degrees but I set 90 on Propierties

    All this should be pretty basic, but no idea why it doesn't work.

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  • notnsane Check the imagepoint in the particle you created, that also indicates where the particle will be directing itself. Check also for gravity, that could be affecting your particle and that is why it goes in a different direction.

    You can also use PIN behavior to attach the particle to the Plane.

    Without an example, screenshot or capx, it is kind of difficult to guide you, so it could be easier to determine the issue.

    Also give it a look to the forum, there are a couple of articles/questions about particles, but I do not recall them right now.

    Good luck!

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