I have a problem with parallax alignment.

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  • I have a problem with parallax alignment.

    if I move player to the right target works fine. but if you move left a misalignment occurs.

    layer 0 - enemy0 - (parallax 100,100)

    Layer 1 - enemy1 - (40.40 parallax)

    camada2 - enemy2 - (15.15 parallax)

    camada3 - player, target, bullet - (parallax 0.0)





    I've tried changing the layer of bullet but the misalignment imagepoint player.

    <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />


    tenho um problema com alinhamento parallax.

    se eu mover o jogador para direita minha mira funciona OK. mas se mover para esquerda acontece um desalinhamento.

    camada 0 - enemy0 - (parallax 100,100)

    camada 1 - enemy1 - (parallax 40,40)

    camada2 - enemy2 - (parallax 15,15)

    camada3 - player , mira, bullet - (parallax 0,0)

    J? tentei trocar a camada do bullet mas desalinha o imagepoint do player.




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  • hmm, i dont see any problem of misalignment, the bullet is always right on target, tested in chrome,

  • but cant rotate the target on colision.

    bullet on colision rotate. movo to right and see...so, move to left and see bullet follow target fine, but not rotate.

    Shoot around and see target rotate while bullet is on ghost target.

    i tested in chrome every.

  • Which version of Construct 2 are you using? We made a bug fix to do with parallax alignment recently.

  • the latest

    r.95 64 bit on a Win7

    r.95 32 bit on a win XP

    booth have same problem.

    i wrong programming file .capx ?


  • any help?

  • Mmm kinda tricky. SPL1 is at 171,192. When you move, it's position stays the same but it appears to move because of the parallax effect. If you move to the right then SPL1 appears to be at, say, 250,192 but to hit it you still need to shoot at 171,192.

    So... I created some dummy targets on layer 3 and set their positions to the target's positions taking the parallax into account.


  • I'm afraid it's a known bug, collisions don't currently take in to account parallax. So you'll need to find a way to work with all the objects on the same layer for the time being.

  • everything seems to be working for me, google chrome

  • Works Form me.

    Very helpfull for me.

    Thanks all for help.

  • so i was trying to make a health bar, and i saw that if you set the parallax onto 0,0 of a layer it should keep in the screen, but since i tried it, it just dissapear when i test it.

    does someone know why thins happends and how to fix it?

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