Problem with NW.js (Stuttering)

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  • I am new to construct 2, and I would like to make a desktop game with nw.js.

    I started to check the optimization of the engine and I have a problem when running the game with nw.js, I mean, in my project I only have 3 sprites right now, without animations, I'm using one of those sprites as a playable character with a behavior of platform, then I left from right to left for a while and I can see how there are stumbles of images, the game works at 60fps, but there are stumbles and it only happens with nw.js because if I run it in firefox, it goes fluid. The game works at 60fps but sometimes they lose 2fps meaningless.

    I do not understand the reason, since there are only 3 sprites and I have a decent computer to run it.

    Maybe nw.js is not optimized for Construct 2?

    Does anyone know of any configuration or something to solve the problem of stumbles?

    Sorry for my bad English.

    A greeting.

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