a problem with Nw.js (run file)

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  • The fact is that the run file the file only if the path name is specified in the path (example: """D:\Program Files\paint.net\PaintDotNet.exe"""), how can I do it in such a way that, regardless of the location of the files on different disks, could I open the only specified file? """.\Program Files\paint.net\PaintDotNet.exe""" < Does not work

    thank! sorry for my bad english

  • If I understand you correctly, you need Windows environment variables.


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  • thanks for the answer!

    It is necessary that the file that was launched using nw.exe was launched regardless of the name of the user's physical disk. If specify a direct path to the file, then there is no problem, but if the direct path of the file is different, the nw.exe will not find the file that will need to be run.

  • If you need to access files from system folders (like Program Files, Users\name\AppData etc.), then use environment variables.

    If you just want to run a file from the current drive (for example E:\Games\MyGame\MyFile.exe), try it without the drive name:


    Or you can get the drive letter from the AppFolder expression: left(NWjs.AppFolder, 1)

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