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  • I am using the latest version of the Construct 2 and trying to handle the non-consumable purchases. I can buy the product and after removing the application from the phone and re-install it, I can buy it twice. I haven't got the purchased information from Google Play via using CocoonJs plugin yet. Is this option disabled on the latest version of cocoonjs? Thanks for your help...

  • Hello,

    There is nothing disabled. If it is a non-consumable item, you should be able to restore it instead of buying it again. In addition, we added a second capx for r195 and higher so you can test different products easily using your own configuration if you compile it at the cloud or if you create a custom launcher. I assume you are testing your app and you are using the sandbox mode, right? Or did you upload it to the store and you are using the tester mode?


  • Thanks for your reply. CocoonJs configuration is in "Store Sandbox: Enabled". So let me understand the situation: I have tried to restore products already but didn't get the real response. Is it related with this sandbox enabled mode? If I can disable it and upload to market, can I get the purchased information correctly?

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  • Hi,

    Yes, more or less. The sandbox mode is for iOS. On Android you need to do some different steps.

    If you disable the sandbox mode and you sign the apk and upload it to the store as beta, then you can add testers to the project and you can buy the items (without paying, of course) and check if you have configured your project in the right way.

    This is the right way of testing in Android. Then, you should be able to get all the responses.


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