Problem with moving sprites after placing them.

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  • Hi everyone, I'm using Construct 2 to build a 2D RPG level for a course project and have come across two problems that is holding me up.

    1) This problem suddenly started without any reason, when I place a sprite I can't select or move it from its current position.

    2) I can't figure out how to set boundaries so the player character can't walk through buildings, walls, plants ect.

    Any help would be massively appreciated.

  • 1. Check to make sure the layer they are on is not set to locked.

    2. You will need to either use a solid behavior on objects or build out zones using invisible sprites that act as collision bounds to stop movement.

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  • Thanks Chrisinfinger for your help! Just a follow up question, when I run my layout I can move the character left and right but when I move him up or down he shoots off the screen. Any ideas?

  • When you say "shoots off screen" I assume you mean moves off screen?

    You can either use bound-to-layout behavior attached to player object if he doesn't need to leave the screen ever.

    You can use sprites just off screen (or invisible sprites on screen) that stop movement using solid behavior or an on-collision/overlap event.

    You can use math... player.y <> #, stop movement.

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