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  • Hello, I invented a system similar to that of the game Minecraft:

    The game works but when I try of the integrated in my multiplayer (which works), the block which the player 1 breaks (or pose) and well the player 2, does not see him.

    How to make please?

    Sorry for my bad English, I am French, Thank you!

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  • 1: you legend, this seems good

    2: maybe refresh layout or something like that after a block is destroyed. otherwise it may be working, but not for the second instance without it being reloaded..... this will of course make EVERYTHING you do reload :/

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  • what you mean not see him? not seeing the block being destroyed or not seeing the player1 moving to destroy? it have something to do with your server sync actions check the info on the movement update and sync calls hope it helped you... it should work the same as in the tutorial capx that is on the official default multiplayer shooter... the part where it syncs the position for x and y you have to do the same thing in order for the players to see their exact moves... if you dont do that then they will not see the current position but the start only

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