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  • Hi guys. I have a little problem with Intel SDK////So first of all sorry for my Eng. Second i pretty newbie with all this stuff. I saw few tutorials about exporting to android via Intel SDK by Crosswalk including Ashley's last guide. And i decided to test my little game. And i was pleasantly surprised how simple and correct its work. I have tested a game on my few android devices and its run perfectly EXCEPT one thing- terrible lags when Behavior: Physic is working. Now a few important things- 1)my game is pretty simple and have only few animation scenes (its a kind of memory game). 2)the major problem/theLAG is on a Construct Built-in Behavior: Physic. Simple action become very lagy. So if someone have a idea or have a experiences with this subject i will glad to read it.

    P.S i saw/read in a branches about SDK/Cocoonj that people use SDK even for a heavy projects and its runs ok/////Maybe i have to try Cocoonj?

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  • I have the same problem. Would love any pointers the geniuses around here may have.


  • fridayjams are you try to work with Cocoonj? Is its better?

  • I think intel XDK is the best exporter.

    But like all the exporter, you will decrease a lot the performances. the only thing you can do is reduce the number of collision check/second, reduce the resolution, and reduce the number of sprites displayed at the same time.

    If you are new to construct, you will discover by experiences new ways to do what you want which takes less performance, but I can't help you a lot without the capx.

  • yapiiiii thanks for answer. But my project is by default is extremely simple without HD, lots of sprites etc. Especially in this project i can get rid from the built in behaviors and replace it. My questions is- if this simple project causes to this kind of trouble, how people create something more complicated?

    Maybe tomorrow i will check CocoonJ way...

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