Problem implementing rising platform fight scene

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  • Hi all,

    I just wanted to thank everyone for being so through and engaged on this forum. I have learned an incredible amount in a short time just studying other peoples issues and their resolution.

    I had a scenario I was trying to create and needed some guidance. I am working on a megaman-type platformer. I want to have a platform appear after a boss fight. When the player jumps on the panel it would slowly move vertically as baddies swarm the player.

    I have figured out making the platform appear after the boss dies and the baddie spawning. I am struggling with making the platform slowly move up vertically once the player jumps on, stopping when it reaches the desired point and not moving back. The sine behavior seems like the right way to go but I don't want the platform to move up and down.

    If anyone has any advice I would appreciate it.

  • Bump!

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  • You could try using the bullet behaviour on the platform. You can set the speed using expressions for when the player is on the platform and when it reaches a certain y position. Might work?

  • Have you looked into using the EaseTween Behavior? It's a third party plugin, just search the forums for EaseTween

  • -w-; You guys and your behaviors.

    +Player overlaps platform at offset 0,1

    +Platform.Variable = 0

    -Set Platform.Variable to 1

    +Platform.Variable = 1

    +Platform.Y > [Y destination]

    -Set Platform.Y To Platform.Y - [speed] * dt

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