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  • Sorry to bother, i'm new and i was creating my first game. I didn't have problems on create monsters, my hero and so on. The problem is when i start the game, I have monsters coming from the left that don't give me troubles, but in the other way they don't respond at the events.

    I make some monsters and animated them, they have to walk from left to right and if their height is bigger than the hero's one they kill the hero, if the hero is bigger than them, he kill them. With the left monsters i have no problems but when a monster comes from the right side (right to left) my hero kill them all, just like it's always bigger than them, even if you can see he's not.

    If you want to know i have the same sprite for the monsters but I have inverted their direction ( i used the bullet movement cause they only have to go straight) and flip them upside down. I don't understand why he doesn't consider their height... If someone can help i will be very gratefull.

  • Can you post a screenshot of you events.

  • or sample of your capx

  • Yes, thank you guys. For the left monsters i have: "System: Every 5 seconds" -->"create an object monster" "set scale at random(0.2,2)" "set bullet speed to(number)"

    For the monsters to the right i have: "System: Every 5 second" --->"create an object monster" "set flipped" "set bullet motion to 180 degrees" "set scale at random(0.2,2)" "set bullet speed to(number)"

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  • i've seen that the problem is do the flip the object command, probably when i flipped it he start calculating his height upside down, so it result negativa, that would explain why my hero eats all the monster from that side, the question now is, how can i resolve this?

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