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  • I think if you look at this you'll see exactly how I have it set up. Using the debug layout, I can confirm it is setting the variable "eventUID" to the UID of the event object the player is overlapping, so it's obviously something with the "on spacebar pressed" event that isn't working right. Any suggestions, fixes, or something else I'm missing?

    EDIT: and the image upload didn't work... Apparently none of the layout buttons in the editor work... :\ Also, yes, the layout is literally labeled the UID number I'm experimenting with (125 in this case). Oh well, here's a direct link to the image:

  • "On space pressed" is a triggered event (as all other events which start with "On").

    Never put triggered events nested under some other events.

    So try moving it to the top level, and add "MapWorld is ovelapping event" as a second condition.

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  • You know, before I came here, I had a hunch, and tested it out: I changed the global variable from a number to a string and it works now. *shrug*

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