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  • hi everyone i have in my game 2 layers (layout1 and battle), i have in layer1 an enemy with an instance variable called aux that have a string with a number, when you collide with him it will set the global variable(variable3) to the value of aux, i have a text to debug and that shows the value of the global variable, then it will change to the battle layer and, i dont know why, variable3 wont have any value, i need to fix this because i need that value to pass to the battle layer to trigger some events.

    here is my capx

    you need to delete the action set variable3 to 12 on start of layout in the event sheet 2 to trigger the bug, i used that to test some functions that i made because of the bug with the global variable


  • In the last event on eventsheet 1 you are resetting all global variables to default. Take that away and the variable will transfer to battle-layout.

    Why is global variable 3 set to text instead of number?

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  • lol thanks i didnt saw that xD, well that is a text because i need to read for example this 1234, in my game that numbers are different types of enemies, so i need to separate that number in 1 2 3 4 to spawn them in the battle layer, i thought that using a text variable and the functions left() mid() and right() to cut the number would work, and it does.

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