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  • Hey everyone.

    Sometimes ago I found here a nice example of endless generation.

    And then i wanted to remake it for my tasks, but got a problem. Now, this example works incorrect(

    Here it is- i think some professionals here can make it work correct.

    There is a sprite with 2 animations. If animation = 0, sprite must be "live", if animation = 1 sprite must be destroyed. But when sprites destroyed, the "regeneration" system begins work incorrect.

    Please, rebuild it correctly(

    /also, sorry for my rude english))/

  • I'm not sure what its actually supposed to look like or do, but it seems to make a randomly generated map for me when i run it.

    what are you expecting it to do?

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  • yes, it's a map generator, it's randomly generate map with wall (gray - - animation frame 0) and air (blue - animation frame 1). I need to destroy air-blocks correct, that Wall-blocks will not lost when I move trough the map.

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