Problem with exported versions of my game

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  • Hi there, i just finished my game in C2, but i have a big problem.

    The exported versions of my game doesn´t start. I exported the game as Node webkit or HTML5 and uploaded it to the web, but the game loader get freezed around 90%.

    When i test the game with the "Run Layout" option, everything goes perfect, but in the exported versions it just get freezed.

    I have this problem only with this game, i made another smaller games and everything is ok.

    The problem is located in the "game" layout, i mean, the game have 3 layouts, (main menu, game, endgame). If i export the game without the "game" layout, i have no problems, so at least i know that is a problem with an specfic layout.

    I cant figure what it is. Any tip where i can start looking?

    Here is a trailer of my game i did frapping from the test version on the browser.

    My Tower, My Home:

    Thanks in advance!

  • The only suggestion I can think of is to check using the debugger, and also check the browser console for any error messages.

  • I just noticed that the loader bar of the exporte games is red. But for others games, (and in test mode) is blue.

    That red loading bar means something? I googled it, but i didnt find something helpful.

  • You should submit this to the bugs forum. You might get a better response. Good luck

  • You have provided very little to go on, I'm afraid.

    If at all possible, can you provide a link for others to test?

    Where are you hosting? Have you tried hosting somewhere else?

    How large is the project? Is it just timing out when trying to download assets?

    What browsers have you tried it on?

    Are there any error messages in the browser error console?

  • in the last beta, there was a big change in how script files are used, this may be related, the red bar normally means a ressource is not loaded for some reason.

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  • I found the problem, it was a corrupted .PNG. It was indeed about the red loader. Thaks for your help!

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