The problem I had in exchanging information between layouts. Can you help me?

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  • Hi. I'm sorry for my bad english.

    Imagine you are in a layout named "B". Here you have created objects named "Object". The values of the objects increase at certain time intervals. But only if you are in the "B" layout. If I switch to a layout named "A", how can I keep processing on layout "B"?

    The first method that came to my mind was this:

    I included layouta "B" events named "A". Then I changed the objects I created to GLOBAL. It actually worked. But this time, I can see those objects even when I enter the A screen. Actually I can hide them by changing the Visible property. But they will still stand there. As the game progresses, the number of these objects may exceed 5000. So if they stay there, I think it might slow the game down.

    I'm waiting for your help

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  • Whether they are in another layout or the current layout the real issue is that you would be using 5000+ objects, what type of game is it? There is probably a more efficient way to do what you are doing. Maybe you can use variables and there is no need for objects.

  • life simulation. people open a youtube channel and upload videos :(

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