Problem with event sheet and layout.

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  • Here is the thing. I´ll try to explain the best way possible.

    I have layout 1 with event sheet 1 with a sprite 1 that on click, calls layout 2.

    On layout 2 i have event sheet 2 with a sprite 2 that on click, does some action.

    The problem is, sprite 2 on layout 2 is in the same position that sprite 1 is on layout 1. When I click on sprite 1, event sheet 1 calls layout 2, but at the same time and without another click, the event for sprite 2 is called as soon as I enter layout 2.

    It´s like i click in sprite 2 even though I´m in layout 1.

    Does any one know what´s going on?

    I try to find something in the forum, and the beginner´s guide, but I didn´t find anything.

    PS: Sorry my bad english.

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  • Found the problem. I was using Is touching object and the right is to use On touched object

  • Good for you. That is how you learn. Keep it up one day soon you be pro

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