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  • Hi,

    I've been following the tutorial for building an APK using Cordova and reached this point in the tutorial: ... app/page-9

    I set the system variable using the same path in the tutorial. Everything seemed fine until I got to the build part. Unfortunately, command prompt is returning a message saying that the Android SDK is not found and that I may not have the required environment or OS to build the project.

    I installed the Android SDK along with the other programs needed and all is fine until the build part. I rebooted my com, checked the variable once more, even copy pasted the tutorial's location, which is the same as mine, and still it's the same result in CMD.

    Any advice on getting this to work or perhaps a tutorial using something that may provide better results? I tried Ashley's tutorial and couldn't build it in XDK. I'm at a loss here

    Thanks for any help.

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  • Giving this a bump this morning to see if any new views may provide an answer. I only need some advice on making Cordova see where the Android SDK is, which you'd think it'd find since I made the environment variable.

  • It's been a while again so thought I'd say a little more. I tried to follow the tutorial from Ashley about exporting with Cordova using Crosswalk in the XDK, but every time I do, nothing shows up in the emulator and the build always fails. If someone has an idea about things I could have done wrong, or give some insight into my previous problem, I'd sure appreciate it.

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