Problem with the use of different game levels.

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  • Hey everyone,

    I'm Superal and I started using the free version of c2 a few days ago. I have to admit that I'll have to buy this software as it is just the best game-making software I've ever seen. I started trying some things and I wished to make some kind of tower defence game. All was going well and I used the Tower Defence template, changing it a bit to suit my game.

    Then a problem appeared and I've been trying to resolve it for a few hours already, without success.

    The first level goes great but when I start the second level, I start putting my blocks on the layout (you have to put blocks to direct the enemies on the path you want them to follow, and thus the path with your turrets shooting them.) and the layout restarts without any obvious reason. When I start the layout 2 alone (not playing the first layout before), everything seems ok as I can play the second level entirely. I solved the problem but now another one appeared. When the second layout starts, the enemies spawn immediately instead of after one minute. Plus, they follow the path of the first layout! (They pass through the blocks so...)

    I tried many and many things to debug the game, such as the debug feature, but yeah I don't get it so I thought I could ask you guys for your kind help! :)

    I can send you the capx file per private message I guess (as I can't really explain much more what my problem is, lol), because I don't have the permission to post links here it seems...

    Thanks already for future answers.


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  • Welcome to the forums!

    Also, it sounds like some objects are global/staying between layouts, are any of the sprites and etc global?

  • Hey, thanks for answering.

    None of the sprites are set as "Global", so the problem doesn't come from there I guess... By the way, i'm using two event sheets but currently they are just the same, (I was planning to add some new features but I pretty much need to correct this problem first) I don't know if that could help you... :)

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