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  • I exported and compiled the game using cocoonjs, the resulting debug apk I tested on my tablet.

    The game worked perfectly when i was testing it in construct 2, but now once it was compiled certain features don't work anymore such as:

    Collisions for when the player is supposed to pick up an item he just goes straight through.

    The highscore feature has also stopped working although i am not sure if this is a result of the above.

    The game screen seemed fine when testing on construct but when on the tablet the game screen is there but appears wrong due to there being a big missing section at the bottom of the screen, like the game hasn't adjusted to the tablet resolution properly.

    Any suggestions?


  • Try Compiling using Intel XDK Crosswalk, it supports Letterbox Scaling and might fix your other problems.

  • Ok thanks for your reply.

    I will try that now!

  • when I tried to export and compile with crosswalk I get a white screen after the app builds on my tablet, I followed the tutorial to the letter cant understand what went wrong.

  • On crosswalk build screen after selecting the architecture, close build screen and open it again, you will get at the bottom of the build page a new selection in where you can choose a beta build, do that an compile your apk, its buggy so the only way to get the beta out in available is as mentioned, hope this works

  • ah ok ill try that now, much appreciated!

    Hope it works.

  • Thanks for your advice worked a treat, I managed to export and compile with crosswalk and the game runs well, my only problem is now that there are black bars across the top and bottom of the device screen. (Device being Galaxy tab 2)

    I selected letterbox scale for the project as during testing it seemed like the best to fit to most screen sizes, to make it weirder when I emulate using Intel XDK program for the Ipad the bars disappear.

    Any Advice or tips on this would be very appreciated!

  • Whats the layout / window size of your project?

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  • Thanks for your reply.

    My layout is:

    Width- 480

    Height- 640

    As its an infinite falling game I didn't think it would require a big screen as the idea is you cant see whats coming up ahead.

  • I have now tried to resize the whole game to the 16:9 ratio of 1024 - 576, in the hope that would be better after reading the supporting multiple screen sizes tutorial.

    After resizing the game I am now having trouble with the tiled background as when it starts, the background is nearly half way down the screen.

  • Set the Size of the tiled background to (1024, 576), and position to (0,0) would it fix the problem? Maybe the background is still set to the old layout. Also Set your Scale to "Letterbox Scale"

  • Ah didn't think of that, ill try now thanks.

  • wow I cant believe what was causing the problem was that set angle was on in the object properties so it was displaying on the side rather than straight...

    Thanks for all your help!

    Very much appreciated

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